Seagull Medica lamps for the birthing room

Scialytic and heating lamps of the latest generation, used to facilitate the humanization of the delivery room during natural birth

Seagull Medica lamps clearly follow this line of thought. Equipped with the latest technology, they integrate perfectly with the interior of the delivery room, making the environment humanized and safe.


Smooth and rounded surfaces simplify cleaning and disinfection operations, reducing the risk of formation of bacterial colonies, increasing the degree of hygiene.


For years, Seagull Medica has been working as a consultant for the creation or recovery of delivery rooms and in the creation of an innovative line of products to encourage a more natural approach to childbirth.

Heating lamp for newborns

For lighting and heating of newborns on the changing table

. . .
Surgical lighting

Concealed in the cabinet

. . .

Turnkey solution

100% allround service

Seagull Medica offers the full range of birthing services including the “100% all-round service”.

Excellent quality

Cleaning and disinfection

The products of Seagull Medica S.r.l. are well known for their aesthetic quality as well as for their technical and ergonomic solutions of equal importance.

Professional consulting

Pre and post purchase

Assistance and consulting for the design and renovation of the delivery areas, as well as the installation,
the servicing and the costumer support through its
specialized technicals.