Assistance to pregnancy during childbirth and post-partum

The company SEAGULL MEDICA S.r.l covers the entire range of baby delivery services including the turnkey solution - "100% all-round service"

The delivery rooms created by Seagull Medica, also known as Delivery Suites, represent a perfect balance between furnishing and lighting elements and the indispensable latest generation electromedical equipment (such as labor bed, heating lamp and scialytic lamp, labor pool delivery): the final goal remains the humanization of this particular hospital environment, with the continuous and specific research for the best integration and amalgamation of the single rooms.

Seagull Medica s.r.l. and its partners have for years been constantly engaged in the analysis of the various situations that are created in the hospital environment in general and in areas dedicated to natural childbirth in particular. The dimensional, anthropometric and postural factors are compared with the methods suggested by the literature to identify critical elements, but also bases for design hypotheses. The direct support of the employees is fundamental for identifying the position and the ideal size of each individual element.

The furniture of Seagull Medica s.r.l. they are known for their esthetic quality, up to now unparalleled in the hospital setting, and they adopt equally important technical and ergonomic solutions.

In the realization of the furnishing elements, particular attention was paid to various details:

Turnkey solution

100% allround service

Seagull Medica offers the full range of birthing services including the “100% all-round service”.

Excellent quality

Cleaning and disinfection

The products of Seagull Medica S.r.l. are well known for their aesthetic quality as well as for their technical and ergonomic solutions of equal importance.

Professional consulting

Pre and post purchase

Assistance and consulting for the design and renovation of the delivery areas, as well as the installation,
the servicing and the costumer support through its
specialized technicals.