Ergonomic fiberglass delivery tub

The Tamarindo tub is made of fiberglass. Ergonomics and profile were particularly taken care of in order to eliminate sharp and pointed parts. Its dimensions allow a great freedom of movement. The steps (optional) allow easy access to the parturient and an extra support for the midwife or the carer.


Among the accessories to be used with this delivery pool we remember the AVATAR cardiotocograph equipped with the telemetry system with waterproof and wireless probes.


Turnkey solution

100% allround service

Seagull Medica offers the full range of birthing services including the “100% all-round service”.

Excellent quality

Cleaning and disinfection

The products of Seagull Medica S.r.l. are well known for their aesthetic quality as well as for their technical and ergonomic solutions of equal importance.

Professional consulting

Pre and post purchase

Assistance and consulting for the design and renovation of the delivery areas, as well as the installation,
the servicing and the costumer support through its
specialized technicals.