Birthing tubs designed to facilitate the humanization of the childbirth

Seagull Medica S.r.l is a company specialized in the production of delivery tubs: an effective tool to improve a relaxing childbirth, reducing pain and promoting pelvic relaxation

A delivery tub must meet other specifications than those commonly used in the private sector, while often, until today, it happened that the tubs used in the various birth rooms, were nothing more than common adapted bathtubs.


Inside the Bensberg birth tub the woman has the possibility to move freely, stretch her legs, kneel, bend over the edge and finally give birth. All these movements, although natural, can be very complex for the pregnant woman and therefore both the midwife and the partner take on an important role in the assistance during these moments: space and freedom of movement are therefore fundamental for all those who in some way participate.


The Bensberg birth tub is made of fiberglass and its profile and ergonomics have been particularly taken care of in order to reduce sharp and pointed parts to a minimum. The large door promotes patient access. We emphasize that the raised seat and the shaped footrests inside the Bensberg Must birth tub allow the woman to position herself at her best.


For the concept of humanization of birth it is necessary that the woman is the center of attention and therefore, in the ideal delivery room, the birth tub must be in the middle of the room: in this way the obstetrician can access the tub from all the sides and the partner can stay next to his woman to assist her, without hindering the midwife's work.


Delivery tub developed with the aim of being the object at the center of the concept of natural childbirth

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Bensberg MUST

The Bensberg delivery tub with raised seat and shaped footrest

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Ergonomic fiberglass delivery tub

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