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Water Birth Tub Bensberg Water Birth Tub Bensberg

With the water birth tub mod. Bensberg MUST we have achieved the aim to have a delivery tub created by a company with great experience, provided with a complete range of accessories (e.g. the system of underwater spotlights, as well as the Airpool system for whirlpool), at a price in accord with the current market. The mod. MUST includes the support for the feet and an integrated seat for the woman.
An important accessory is the filter system of Seagull Medica: SeagullSafe filter is designed to ensure perfect hygiene of the water used in our baths for relaxation, labor and delivery in association to our range of Bensberg birthing baths. In particular, the correct use of the filter ensures germ-free water quality, within the limits recommended (*) from 0 CFU/100ml for pseudomonas aeruginosa and 100 CFU / 100ml for Legionella.

Between the accessories to use with this Birth Tub as well we remember the fetal monitor AVATAR for the antepartum or intra-partum monitoring, expandable with external telemetry system and provided with waterproof wireless transducer.
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