NUCLEUS: The Smart Digital Operating Room from eSATURNUS

NUCLeUS™ is an innovative technology platform, developed by eSATURNUS. The combination leads to an open top quality solution, which is fully vendor neutral and offers unrivalled functionality. Via the integration of standardized signals, open formats and documented interfaces we arrive at a fully open platform for our clients, for our partners and even for the other

This results in a uniform installation, with the same interface, functions and technical support for all operation rooms, regardless of the underlying imaging modalities. NUCLeUS™ is based on the idea of an intelligent distributed network system, comparable to 'GRID COMPUTING' using a 'PROCESSING CLUSTER' as is commonly used in scientific research. NUCLeUS™ centralizes all necessary resources outside of all operation rooms, rather than offering an isolated solution on a per operation room basis. Capacity sharing, improved maintenance, availability and improved safety result. Server racks go in the hospital data center and no longer in the operating rooms.

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