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  • Soft childbirth, active childbirth, natural childbirt:
    the terminology is different, but the practice is unique, so simple in theory but difficult to implement. ...
    Dr. Salvatore Pollina illustrates on his website the methods and places where the “soft” childbirth is possible.

  • The rebirth of a point of birth
    The point of birth of Porretta Terme Hospital, with bathtub for labor and childbirth in water, becomes a reference for the women of the province and the region for the sweet childbirth. (...) It was in fact abandoned the use of traditional delivery room: in the year 2002 only 3 of 103 women gave birth in the traditional way in the delivery room and this was due to obstetric problems occurring during while the remaining pregnant women gave birth with great satisfaction in the delivery room by the method of soft childbirth.

  • The image of childbirth
    The image of childbirth must arouse serenity rather than fear: the care of the environment in which you perform the labor and delivery is intended to eliminate as much as possible the operative aspect that characterizes the old traditional structures. Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Grimaldi is the author of the manual Guida pratica al parto dolce Ed. Mosaico.

  • Humanization at S.Anna Hospital - Como

  • Waterbirth - The experience of Vipiteno

  • Where you can give birth in the water in Italy