Cielo PANORAMA and virtual windows

The fantastic quality of nature’s vision
for all workplace without windows

Natural backlit images improve environments in an excellent way, reducing the stress, creating an healthier and productive workplace that really elevates the spirit of everyone. The natural images presented by Seagull Medica are perfect details to complete workplace without windows as well as the delivery rooms, Embassy, waiting rooms, Consulates, any underground military installation, Laboratories and high security workplace without windows. For the references of installation, please contact Seagull Medica at:

These images are proved to bring vitality in people elevating the spirit in each workplace without windows: offices, waiting rooms, reception areas, corridors, tunnel, elevators, corporate dining rooms, laboratories, gyms, classrooms and training areas, restaurants, saunas, conference rooms… in every areas of hospital, in every underground environment.

you can choose among hundred sof beautiful images of seasons and various subjects from which you can arrange your background, your environment. Moreover, it is possible to post your photos, if they have a good quality level.


The multi-panel views are made up of a mosaic of about 125 x 65 or 65 x 65 cm in size. In this way, it is possible to produce spectacular images of great size

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